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Thank you for your interest in organizing an EsotErica event (Live Workshop) in your area.

To register your interest in an event (Live Workshop) in your area, please complete the "Register Your Interest" form.

The following conditions (generally) apply for EsotErica events (Live Workshops), where participants physically participate in a live workshop event:

  1. Live Workshops within Australia – must attract ten (10) or more participants – price to be advised (price dependent on venue/numbers - generally between AUD$100-$200 per person for a one-day workshop).
  2. Live Workshops outside Australia – must attract twenty (20) or more participants – price to be advised (price dependent on venue/numbers - generally between AUD$100-$200 per person for a one-day workshop).
  3. The Live Workshop price includes written material for future reference (written material is provided as a free eBook and emailed to workshop participants).
  4. Please note that Live Workshops are generally co-ordinated for when a 'Subconscious Ascension' session is organized in the same area.
  5. Bookings (and payment in full) for Live Workshops must be completed by the minimum amount of participants at least fourteen (14) days prior to the proposed Live Workshop event date.
  6. A suitable venue (community hall or conference/hotel/meeting room) must be available for approximately 8 hours, with:
    1. Reasonably quiet surrounds;
    2. The venue willing to allow participants to bring food (lunch/smoko) and water (waterbottle) into the building/meeting room;
    3. Adequate space/area for the number of participants attending the Live Workshop;
    4. For Live Workshop presentation purposes – a chair for each participant (set up in semi-circular shape), two (2) tables (‘registration’ table near entry door, ‘laptop/projector’ table in centre of chair setup), electricity/power supply (for laptop/projector/music), and approximately 2-metre square clear wall space (or projector screen);
    5. Clean toilet facilities (adequate number of toilets to cater for participant numbers), within or close by the Live Workshop event room.
  7. Accommodation located at (or nearby) the Live Workshop venue (for workshop facilitator and clients travelling long distances).
  8. A contact person (organizer) who can advise the Live Workshop Events Management Team of relevant details about the event location (nearest airport, accommodation/venue contact details, suitability of venue) and, if required, collect venue key, distribute flyers, assist with Live Workshop event setup, etc.
  9. Participants must allow a minimum of 6 hours (10.00am-4.00pm) for the Live Workshop event, and are advised to bring:
    1. Reading Glasses (if glasses are needed to read);
    2. Coat (in case the room is cold/airconditioned);
    3. Water Bottle/s (personal healing may happen, and it’s important to keep hydrated);
    4. Notebook/Pen (optional, if participants wish to take additional notes).
  10. On some occasions (dependent on participant interest), extra time is made available after the Live Workshop to answer additional questions and/or show other techniques and/or expand on workshop content, so it is a good idea that participants are made aware of this.
  11. Other conditions (or changes to conditions) may apply from time to time.

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