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Thank you for your interest in organizing a Subconscious Ascension (SA) session in your area.

To register your interest in an event, please complete the "Register Your Interest" form.

The following conditions (generally) apply for Subconscious Ascension (SA) sessions, where participants physically attend the Subconscious Ascension (SA) session:

  1. Group SA sessions within Australia – must attract ten (10) or more participants – AUD$250.00 per person.
  2. Group SA sessions outside Australia – must attract twenty (20) or more participants – AUD$250.00 per person.
  3. Bookings (and payment in full) for the SA session must be completed by the minimum amount of participants at least fourteen (14) days prior to the proposed SA session event date.
  4. A suitable venue (community hall or conference/hotel/meeting room) must be available for approximately 4-5 hours, with:
    1. Reasonably quiet surrounds;
    2. The venue willing to allow participants to bring a mattress (or something comfortable to lay on), pillow, blanket and water (waterbottle) into the building/meeting room;
    3. Adequate space/area for the number of participants attending the SA session;
    4. For ‘SA presentation’ (explanation) purposes – a chair for each participant (set up in semi-circular shape), three (3) tables (‘registration’ table near entry door, ‘laptop/projector’ table in centre of chair setup, ‘handouts’ table against a wall), electricity/power supply (for laptop/projector/music), and approximately 2-metre square clear wall space (or projector screen);
    5. For ‘SA session’ purposes – clean floor space for participants to comfortably spread out when laying on the floor;
    6. Clean toilet facilities (adequate number of toilets to cater for participant numbers), within or in close proximity to the SA session room.
  5. Accommodation located at (or nearby) the SA session venue (for SA facilitator and clients travelling long distances).
  6. A contact person (organizer) who can advise the SA Events Management Team of relevant details about the event location (nearest airport, accommodation/venue contact details, suitability of venue) and, if required, collect venue key, distribute flyers, assist with SA session setup, etc.
  7. Participants must allow 2½-3 hours for the SA presentation/session (40-60 minutes for the SA presentation, toilet break and setup time, then 1½ hours for the SA session), and bring their own:
    1. Mattress (or something comfortable to lay on for 1½ hours, e.g. swag, airbed, folded doona or bedspread, etc);
    2. Pillow;
    3. Blanket (it’s important to have something WARM to cover the body);
    4. Water Bottle (it’s important to drink water after the SA session).
  8. Subconscious Ascension Pty Ltd reserves the right to cancel a session if required attendee numbers are not reached (refunds shall be given for payments made).
  9. Other conditions (or changes to conditions) may apply from time to time.

Complete the "Register Your Interest" form to register your interest now.


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