Transform Limiting Beliefs

TLB redThe Transform Limiting Beliefs group session incorporates various healing techniques, and includes teachings and energetic downloads (about health, wealth, happiness, abundance, love, success, etc), so that you can become a vibrational match to that which you desire.

As a participant, you can expect approximately three (3) hours of subconscious healing (transforming limiting beliefs), with the capacity to change your life in positive and constructive ways.

The Transform Limiting Beliefs session is conducted as a group session, and participants can physically attend or (alternatively) have the session energetically sent (via remote/distant healing energy). Read more about 'Energetically Sent' sessions here...

Each Transform Limiting Beliefs session is unique, in that each session is specifically tailored to suit participant requirements, with individual teachings and energetic healing downloads to accommodate the specific needs of group participants (and the highest good of the collective consciousness).

As you transform limiting beliefs (that may be preventing you from achieving your highest potential), you open yourself up to new opportunities and potentialities.

Participants do not have to talk about anything and, by physically attending (or having the Transform Limiting Beliefs session energetically sent via remote/distant healing energy), you automatically give permission for the teachings and energetic downloads to transform limiting beliefs in the most positive and profound ways.


  • The Transform Limiting Beliefs session begins with an energy healing Meditation (15-20 minutes duration), to facilitate relaxation, allowance and acceptance of teachings and energetic healing downloads.
  • After the Meditation, the Transform Limiting Beliefs session continues with teachings/energetic healing downloads, which cover various aspects of life - health, wealth, happiness, abundance, love, success, etc - depending on group participant requirements.
  • Various healing techniques/modalities are incorporated into this session.
  • Participants can access free handouts via the Subconscious Ascension website, to assist with future progress, and facilitate additional transformation and/or healing after the Transform Limiting Beliefs session.
  • Optional: Each participant may wish to submit a specific issue/subject to be dealt with, and this issue may be noted when booking online (or upon registration at the actual session).
  • If all issues on the session list have not been dealt with on the day, energetic downloads (via remote/distance healing energy) will be sent during the week after the session.

Butterflies InBlueCircleThe Transform Limiting Beliefs session is facilitated with Divine guidance, and messages are received from Spirit in relation to appropriate teachings and energetic healing downloads for the highest good of all participants.



  • TLB blueTransform negative thought patterns and beliefs.
  • Receive energetic teaching downloads to create new and positive thought patterns and beliefs.
  • Transition to a higher energetic frequency.
  • Raise your level of consciousness (conscious awareness and energy field vibration).
  • Experience a personal shift in consciousness and self-awareness.
  • Personal transformation.
  • Discard old ways and habits, and experience a more rewarding reality.
  • Release old patterns, judgements, negative emotions, thoughts and feelings.
  • Become emotionally balanced, and experience a greater sense of wellbeing.
  • Detach from drama.
  • Heal wounds from childhood, unhealthy relationships and/or past life issues.
  • Facilitate Akashic Record and Family Line healing.
  • Experience a sense of purpose and passion.
  • Experience a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual detox.
  • Learn to love yourself more.
  • Take responsibility for your feelings, experiences and actions.
  • You do not have to talk about anything.
  • The Transform Limiting Beliefs session can be physically attended or energetically sent.



  • If you are physically attending this session, you MUST bring water to drink - it's important to remain hydrated and drink water during and after this session.
  • Optional: When booking online, you may wish to submit one (1) issue/subject that you specifically wish to deal with (in the 'Comments' area). If time permits, additional issues shall be dealt with.
  • Optional: For the Meditation part of the TLB session (15-20 minutes) and/or all of the TLB session, you may wish to bring a mattress/pillow/blanket to sit/lay on the floor. Otherwise, chairs will be available at the venue.

TLB green lightPlease register for the Transform Limiting Beliefs session with an open mind and a willing attitude to change your current circumstances, and your Higher Self and other universal light energies will co-operate to assist with creating the best possible outcomes for you (co-creating positive changes for your highest and best good).

Check out the Events Calendar for the next available Transform Limiting Beliefs session, and start changing negative belief patterns that may be preventing you from creating the life that you desire.

As with all treatments/sessions offered by Subconscious Ascension Pty Ltd, you are responsible for the outcome of your session. On completion of the Transform Limiting Beliefs session, you may feel like you have achieved a lot, or (perhaps) a little.  Either way, please know that you will be transforming many limiting beliefs during the Transform Limiting Beliefs session, and it sometimes takes a little time to process the information and energetic healing/teaching downloads. Free handouts (techniques to assist with further healing and transformation) are available on the Subconscious Ascension website.



  • The Transform Limiting Beliefs session can be energetically sent (via remote/distant healing energy).
  • Your subconscious mind does all the work for you.
  • You don't have to travel anywhere or leave home.
  • You can go about your business as you normally would (the healing energy is downloaded to you at the most appropriate time for you).
  • Energetically Sent sessions are a quick, easy and safe way to achieve your desired outcomes.
  • Note: Any issues on the list for any specific Transform Limiting Beliefs session date that have not been dealt with during the 3-hour period will be energetically sent to clients at some time during the week after the session (via remote/distant healing energy).

ES Butterfly Blue FacingRight 1Various healing techniques/modalities may be utilized in the Transform Limiting Beliefs session (as guided), and may include Change Your Belief Patterns ('Cancel That' and 'Blanket Healing'), Emotional Freedom Technique, Theta HealingReleasing Attachments, and other Energy Healing and Release Techniques. The Transform Limiting Beliefs session is facilitated with Divine guidance, and messages are received for appropriate teachings and healings for individual clients (and the collective good).

Butterflies InBlueCircleThe 'Transform Limiting Beliefs' session may be found on the Events Calendar, and the investment in your personal development is paramount to your success.



  • AUD$50 per person - for physical attendance at a Transform Limiting Beliefs group session.
  • AUD$50 per person - for an Energetically Sent Transform Limiting Beliefs session.
  • AUD$TBA for Corporate, Business, Sporting Organization and Individual (one-on-one) Transform Limiting Beliefs sessions (by appointment only).

TLB violetHere's what satisfied clients say about the 'Transform Limiting Beliefs' session:

I have received Erica's energy healing to transform limiting beliefs, and have felt instant relief from the stress around particular issues I've been dealing with at that time. I would recommend the 'Transform Limiting Beliefs' session to anyone wanting peace and harmony.
J.S. - Australia.

The 'Transform Limiting Beliefs' session has helped me immensely with pain relief and increased wellbeing, to the extent that, even in my 80s, I can still do physical outdoor work and animal care duties, and enjoy it.
B.A. - Australia.

Unleashing the power of your mind, by transforming limiting beliefs, can create miracles in your life.  Are you ready to begin your personal transformation?

Butterflies InBlueCircle

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Note:  If you wish to take advantage of a personal one-on-one (individual) session with Erica West, please check out the Change Your Mind Change Your Life session.


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