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Mystical Moment - Tina Higgins ( Mystical Moment - Tina Higgins (

You are the Creator of your life, and it is time for you to take responsibility for what you are manifesting in your life.

It is possible that you don't know how powerful you really are.  Every thought you have, every word you speak, every action you take, results in what is being manifested into your life right now.

If your internal self-talk (thoughts/words about yourself) is negative, then your body is likely to suffer some form of dis-ease (feeling uncomfortable, experiencing aches, pains or an acute medical condition).  If your thoughts about your life in general are negative, then it's likely that the people you surround yourself with are also negative (and will draw you into their negative space), your home situation may be unhappy, your career unsatisfactory, and your life (in general) unfulfilling.

At any given point in time, you can change your thoughts in the direction of a more desirable state (and, therefore, a more favourable outcome).AngelOfHealing SusannaIsabella

Instead of berating yourself for a body that is, for example, overweight, ugly in some way, or not to your desired size, shape or look, then start changing the way you think about yourself, and focus on the positive attributes that make you a unique and wonderful being.  The more you focus on your positive qualities, the more aspects you will find to like about yourself.

Instead of complaining about an unsatisfactory relationship with someone, start changing the way you think about them.  Your relationships with others are often a reflection of what you think about yourself, so, if there's something that is unappealing about someone, look at yourself, and change the beliefs (in yourself) that are being reflected to you (by the other person).  If it's a close relationship, then perhaps you may need to communicate your specific wants and needs, set some boundaries, or decide whether you really want to continue the relationship.

If you are unhappy with your career choice, then do something about it.  Look for another job, educate yourself more (within the same field or in an entirely different field), make an intention to better yourself (and then take action to upgrade your skills) or, if you happen to live in a place where you feel this is impossible for you to achieve, think about relocating to another town/city, or join a local community group or participate in an outside interest that takes some of your focus off the unhappy part of your work life.  Look at why you are feeling unhappy about your current situation, and you may find some limiting beliefs that are preventing you from achieving your highest potential.

Your body provides you with 'signals' that something is not right in your world, generally caused by a buildup of negative emotions about experiences that have happened, or are currently happening, in your life.  As negative emotions build up, they present as a 'dis-ease' in your body.  The dis-ease could present as an uncomfortable feeling, an ache, a pain, anything up to a so-called incurable medical condition.  It is up to you, as the Creator of your life, to change the thoughts and beliefs that are holding the dis-ease in your body.  There are many different ways to do this, and many energy healing techniques that can provide quick and permanent relief - the trick is to find the technique that is most suitable for you.  I have included some useful techniques in this Blog, so that you can empower yourself and create that which you desire.  It is important to change your frequency, and vibrate out of your current comfort zone, in order to create positive changes in your body and your life.  By changing your current energy field vibration (and raising your level of consciousness), you can change your life and create whatever you desire.

We would like to share with you a manifesting technique - 'I AM' The Creator - and wish you great success in manifesting your desires into fruition.  This technique assists you to reprogramme yourself, through the power of your 'I AM' presence (and subconscious mind), and create changes that will fulfill your plans.

You can also take advantage of our 'Change Your Belief Patterns' techniques ('Cancel That' and 'Blanket Healing') and start transforming those beliefs that may be stopping, blocking, preventing or sabotaging you from manifesting your desires.  These two very easy and powerful techniques can be used together or independently, for physical and/or emotional issues, and assist you to transform negative beliefs and create that which you desire.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) involves rubbing or tapping on various meridian points of the body, in order to release stress/pain around physical and/or emotional issues.  Over 90% of physical pain is caused by negative reactions to things that happen in our lives, which, in turn, create 'blocks' (or pain) in the body.  These blocks can be released by tapping on different points on the body.

Make the decision today, and then initiate some action, to create a better (and easier) life for yourself.

Mandala SA Round

This Blog has been shared by Subconscious Ascension Pty Ltd - Australia  (Trading as: Subconscious AscensionEnergetically Sent and EsotErica).

Disclaimer:  This document is for information purposes only and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness, and should not be considered a substitute for professional advice.

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